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HR Management Certification

The Center for Adult Learning is offering, in partnership with the Society for Human Resource Management, a NON CREDIT bearing course that serves as a review/study course for those seeking certification as Professional in Human Resources (PHR) or Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR). Certification is granted upon successful completion of the exam process administered by the Human Resources Certificate Institute (HRCI).

Admission to the College is not required to enroll in a non-credit (professional or personal development) course.

Updated with current HR policies and legislation, the SHRM® Learning System provides you cost effective learning with a powerful and professional developmental tool to expand your career. The Learning System will enhance your knowledge in the field of human resources and provide current references to best HR practices which help you stay on top.

Course Content

The nation’s #1 PHR and SPHR certification preparation system is also the most advanced.  In addition to SmartStudy tools, we offer learning modules in print and e-reader formats and provide extensive multimedia online resources.  The SHRM Learning System thoroughly prepares you to pass the certification exam.

Whatever your learning style, you’ll find ways to test your knowledge and build confidence.  Use our interactive case study, featuring real-life scenarios and questions, to apply your knowledge.  And, check out the Online Learning Center for a wealth of supplemental study materials:

Best of all, you can access the SHRM Learning System via your PC, laptop, your mobile device, or e-reader device making it easy to study wherever and whenever you have time.

The SHRM Learning System includes six modules covering the entire HR Certification Institute body of knowledge so you’ll learn everything you need for the PHR or SPHR exam.  Modules have been updated to reflect the new HR practice and legislation in the HR Certification Institute’s body of knowledge.

1. Business Management and Strategy
Strategic role of HR in organizations; HR business management skills; Strategic Planning Process; Evaluating the internal/external environment; HR and the legislative and regulatory environment

2. Workforce Planning and Employment
Employee rights, privacy and consumer protection legislation; Organizational staffing requirements; Job analysis and documentation; Recruitment, flexible staffing, selection and retention

3. Human Resource Development
Organizational development initiatives; Adult learning and motivation; Training and development; Talent and performance management

4. Compensation and Benefits
Compensation structure and systems; Benefit programs (Government mandated, deferred comp plans, health care and other non-statutory benefits); Compensation and benefits legislation; Evaluating compensation and benefits programs

5. Employee and Labor Relations
Employee and labor relations legislation; Union organizing and collective bargaining Unfair labor practices; Discipline and complaint resolution

6. Risk Management
Organizational risk; Workplace safety, health, security and privacy; Risk management legislation

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