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The ABE Academic Advisors build individualized Plans of Study (POS) for each student out to graduation. New students meet with their advisor before completing ABE 101, the New Student Orientation. Math placement tests, if needed, should be completed prior to this first appointment. Students planning to take less than the maximum nine (9) courses per year in the five week program or twelve (12) courses per year in the eight week program should communicate those plans to their advisor when making the first appointment.

Students sign their plan of study authorizing their academic advisors to register them for all courses on the plan.  Advisors will notify advisees each term once the registration window opens. Any deviations from the signed plan of study requires an email explicitly authorizing their advisor to register the student or a meeting between the student and advisor to sign the form in person. This will ensure advisors have the necessary documentation to complete the registration. Students should meet with their advisor at least once per academic year to review the plan of study and touch base on their academic goals.

ABE Academic Advisors adhere to the standards of the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) and are members of the Illinois state chapter, ILACADA. NACADA is an organization of professional and faculty advisors, administrators, students, and others with a primary interest in the practice of academic advising. With diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences, NACADA members advise in a variety of settings and work to promote quality academic advising within their institutions.