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How many credits do I need to have to enter the ABE program?

The ABE program has no minimum credit hour requirement for admission; each student’s academic record will be reviewed individually.

How much does the ABE program cost?

$290 per credit hour.

How is the ABE program different from traditional classes?

Traditional classes meet for 16 weeks, with the average part-time student taking 6 hours per semester and earning up to 18 credit hours through the fall, spring, and summer. In the ABE program, classes meet 1-night a week for 5 weeks for 4 hours each class meeting. This allows you to receive up to 27 hours of credit in one calendar year.

Can I take more than one class at a time?

Since the courses are accelerated and condensed into 5-week sessions, we strongly recommend taking only one class at a time.

Will my diploma say “accelerated” on it?

No. The diploma received upon completion of the ABE program is no different than the diploma received by students in the traditional program.

Is this program accredited?

Yes. Lincoln College-Normal has been accredited since 1979 and the ABE program is fully accredited through the Higher Learning Commission.

Will I get any breaks or does this program go straight through?

Each year a two week break occurs in late April – early May and a four week break occurs in late December – early January.  The rest of the year, our terms run continuously.

How many hours of course work will be outside the classroom?

Because of the accelerated format, there will be a considerable amount of time spent working on your class at home on the computer. Actual time spent usually depends on the instructor of the course.

If I need to take a break for a session, what do I do?

Once accepted for the ABE program, you can step in and out of the program as you please. If you want to take a break for one session and enroll in the next one, that is completely acceptable.

Can I pick which day (MTWR) I attend class? Is it the same every week?

The classes will meet one night a week and they will continue to meet on that same night for the duration of the 5-week period.

Can students in the ABE Program qualify for financial aid?

Yes. For more information on FAFSA & Student Loans, contact the financial aid office.

Whom can I contact for more information?

Call our admissions office at (309) 452-4338 or email abeinfo@lincolncollege.edu.